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Storefront Pivots and Hinges

Mariettadoor 08/04/2021

Once upon a time when a store front door had pivots wear out it could easily turn into a $3,000 job. Hollow Metal doors oftentimes will have the same problem only with hinge locations that become unwelded. This problem also used to call for complete replacement of frame and door. Now we use a product called a continuous hinge to repair these kinds of issues. This is not only much more durable, but is also… Storefront Pivots and Hinges

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Rusty metal doors

Mariettadoor 18/05/2020

I think everybody has seen a lot of rusty metal doors in their day. If you walk behind any given Shopping Center you’ll probably find quite a few of them. The question is when do they need to be replaced. Normally a little rust will not hurt the security of the door. In most cases you can simply just sand the door down and have a good skilled painter cover the door with a preventative.… Rusty metal doors

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24-Hour Door Service

Mariettadoor 10/03/2020

Because we are a 24-hour door company we were recently hired to change two commercial steel doors that were bathroom doors at a restaurant in Marietta. There were a few different companies that bid on the job. One of the stipulations of getting the job was that the work would have to be performed in the evening. That way the business could stay open and wouldn’t have to close from not having bathrooms. This is… 24-Hour Door Service

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Commercial Steel Doors

Mariettadoor 01/04/2016

Your professional choice for commercial steel doors and hardware installation, service, and repair in Marietta, Ga Commercial steel doors could be found in just about any commercial business in Marietta and surrounding areas. These steel doors are an essential part of a business is security. After all, a lock is only a secure as the door you put it on. Having properly maintained doors assures your business will never be in a situation where you… Commercial Steel Doors

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