Hinges and Pivots

Mariettadoor 08/04/2021

When a storefronts door hinges and pivots wear out it could easily turn into a $3,000 job. Hollow Metal doors oftentimes will have the same problem only with hinge locations that become UN-welded. This problem also used to call for complete replacement of frame and door.

Now we use a product called a continuous hinge to repair these kinds of issues. This is not only much more durable, but is also a lot more secure. Once we install a continuous hinge you can really rest assured. That any small problems you were having with a particular doorway will be resolved. Continuous hinges especially full surface continuous hinges allow us to take out gaps or remove drags. This gives the door what we call in the door business a good reveal. Hinges and Pivots simple can’t repair this problem.

What a reveal is or what it refers to is the spacing all the way around the door. It’s supposed to be 1/8 of an inch all the way around the door. Nothing should be rubbing and everything is closing correctly.

Hinges and pivots we will frequently upgrade to full surface continuous hinges
This is a half surface continuous hinge that we installed that enabled us to remove an unnecessary Gap on the latching side of the door.

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