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Marietta Door is North Georgia’s preferred supplier for Hollow Metal doors and wood doors.

Marietta Door specializes in the supply, installation, repair and replacement of commercial hollow metal doors as well as commercial wood doors. We at Marietta Door pride ourselves at serving our customers with a level of professionalism that is informative and competent. We understand that the commercial steel door business can be very complicated. When you add door hardware, and the intricacies of master key systems. You’re going to need someone that’s not only patient but experienced. Door repair experience is most important or you’ll always end up replacing the doors that could have just been fixed. One of the most common things we find is that most of the doors people think need to be replaced can normally be repaired for much less. Don’t get me wrong a new door will almost always fix the problem, but then again you can use a limo to deliver pizza. It’s just not very cost effective. Broken lock hardware, or sprung hinges has been the cause of more commercial steel door replacements than you could ever imagine. Having our licensed locksmith in the equation could save you thousands.

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When you hire Marietta Door to supply your commercial steel doors and door frames you’re hiring an ally with a wealth of 20 years of knowledge in the commercial door business. You’re also hiring a true licensed locksmith company as well. We know if we don’t take the time to make sure your exact needs are met we won’t have you as a customer for your next project. Our goal is to build bridges to your future projects not burn them. Customer service is for less expensive than marketing for new ones.

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