Storefront doors repair

Mariettadoor 06/01/2024

The ability to work on storefront doors is something that really sets Marietta door apart from other companies. These doors are typically glass filled with an aluminum frame that goes all the way around. We stock the aluminum push bars, pull bars, and other door pulls. We also service the hinges and pivots on storefront doors.

Most of the time when it comes to store front doors they have dimensions that are relatively close. Close however doesn’t work when it comes to glass. It could be rather difficult finding glass in the right shape and size. We have lots of different sources for these pieces of glass. We try to keep a few of each size in stock.

Storefront door closers come in a variety of styles. The three major types are surface mounted, submerged, and overhead concealed. When these devices fail they do so by either slamming, closing too slowly, or dripping hydraulic fluid everywhere. When this happens it can be somewhat dangerous especially for small hands and fingers. We also have a very good inventory to pull from for these devices.

The locks for these store front doors primarily come in three different styles either mortise “primarily Adams rite” , concealed vertical rod, or rim exit also known as panic bars.

These styles of locks can be extremely complex. We have 26 years of experience working on them.

If you should need work done on these devices by all means keep us in mind.

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