Door Repair

Mariettadoor 04/05/2022

Door repair is one thing that definitely sets our company apart from others. We don’t automatically assume that we’re going to replace a door and a frame. In fact most of the time we don’t have to replace the frames because they simply don’t need to be.This saves you tremendously because frames are the most expensive part labor-wise.

When it comes to hollow metal doors one of the most common problems we see are door drags. This occurs when the bottom of the door will drag across the threshold. Another problem that is fairly common is that the door will start to sag. Because the hinge pockets are old and no longer holding the door up correctly or the hinge pockets become unwelded.

Door repair
If this would have been our repair it would have looked clean and had a warranty for at least 2 years

All of these door repair problems are problems that we fix every single day and a lot of times we don’t have to replace the door which can save you thousands. When it comes to door repair Marietta door has been doing it for 23 years. What that means to you is we don’t have to learn on the job at this point we just automatically know what to do.

With the invention of the full surface continuous hinge we are now able to save most steel doors. A simple door repair will keep a frame and door from having to be replaced. This also saves many a child’s finger. The most expensive part of replacing a door in an opening is replacing the frame. This is especially true when there’s concrete filling that frame. So avoid it at all cost. A lot of the problems we run into are locksmith problems. We refer most locksmith problems to Northstar lock and security

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