Door closers

Mariettadoor 20/09/2021

When door closers begin to fail they will start to leak hydraulic fluid. The second sign your door closer is failing is it will pause while cycling closed. Lastly the final sign your door closer has failed is the door will slam violently. Once this starts to occur it can become very dangerous especially for children’s hands. When you combine a failing door closer with other door problems it will leave the door inoperable and unusable very quickly

leaking door closers failing

There’s several different kinds of door closers.

  • frame side surface mount
  • door side surface mount
  • door side parallel mount
  • concealed overhead mount
  • underground floor mount

There are a lot of hidden liabilities in regards to door closers. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with local fire code. Also familiarize yourself with American disabilities act compliance as well.

The idea behind the closer is to close the door slow enough so that it doesn’t slam shut where it can hurt people. as well as close without all the noise involved with the door slamming. Another function of a door closer is to prevent air from traveling from one room to another room in case of fire. Obviously if a fire can’t get air it will suffocate slowing the fire.

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