24 Hour Door Service

Mariettadoor 10/03/2020

Because we are a 24 hour door service we were recently hired to change two doors that were bathroom doors. These doors were steal commercial door at a restaurant in Marietta. There were a few different companies that bid on the job. One of the stipulations of getting the job was that the work would have to be performed in the evening. That way the business could stay open and wouldn’t have to close from not having bathrooms. This is the kind of work where Marietta door a true 24 hour door service really shines. Not a single door company in Marietta or Atlanta was able to do this job because it required someone to show up at 10:00 p.m. and not leave until 4:00 a.m.

We replaced Metal Doors and frames all over Marietta and Cobb County

Whether you need an exterior door replaced on an aluminum glass storefront. A rusted out hollow metal door on the back of a business. Marietta Door can not only get the commercial steel doors and frames quickly. We can also repair lock hardware and door hardware. We can re-key locks and install just about any kind of lock hardware that you need as well.

Let Marietta door be your 24 hour door service

Marietta Door can also add windows to existing doors. This keeps people from opening heavy metal doors to quickly, and hitting people in the face. Windows also add quite a bit of security so you know who is approaching the doors from the outside.

Sometimes it isn’t a door problem it’s a lock problem. We do a lot of business with Northstar lock and we do recommend them. They are also a 24-hour company.

24 hour door service
Installed a few windows in a pair of hollow metal doors. We’re your 24 hr door service.

Marietta door has been in business for 23 years. You would be hard-pressed to find a single road in Marietta that we have not done business on so we are very familiar with area. No matter what size your project is by all means give us an opportunity to quote it. Our experience keeps our pricing low. Our jobs are almost always finished quicker than with most companies because we are so familiar with what we work on. Some companies unfortunately have to do a lot of learning on the job and they have to figure out how things work because there are so many different doors and frames and applications. This takes time that you don’t want to pay for. We’re certainly not saying that we don’t run into things that we haven’t seen before but even when we do we at least know how to get the information and quickly.

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