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Mariettadoor 01/04/2016

Your professional choice for commercial steel doors and hardware installation, service, and repair in Marietta, Ga

Commercial steel doors could be found in just about any commercial business in Marietta and surrounding areas. These steel doors are an essential part of a business is security. After all, a lock is only a secure as the door you put it on. Having properly maintained doors assures your business will never be in a situation where you cannot close your store late at night or open first thing in the morning. Being familiar with all fire codes within the Cobb County area makes us sure that what we install keeps you both a fire code compliant and handicap compliant.

There is a huge liability that comes with not having the correct hardware on a business. We install alarming panic bars on the rear exits of buildings to keep people from shoplifting and running out the back door. Marietta lock also installs panic bars on the front of buildings to make exiting easy in case of a fire. Hire the company that can work on every type of door closer you can think of so if one of your door closers should happen to start dripping or your door starts slamming we can fix that.

We work on not only steel doors but we also work on glass storefront aluminum doors. Unlike most door companies we have a fully licensed locksmith that works for our company. That is essential because that can save you thousands of dollars. Marietta door knows the difference between a lock problems and a door problem. We won’t sell you a $1,200 door to fix a $120 lock problem


We repair steel doors

Repair is always our first goal. If we can simply repair what you have it can save you hundreds. Replacing rusty doors is unavoidable, but if cared for properly they can last 30 years.

Aluminum Glass Storefront Repair and replacement.

When it comes to the repair or installation of aluminum doors they’re normally glazing projects. As you probably already know when it comes to glazing that usually means one very expensive project. Repair and service work is far more affordable with our company because we specialize in it. This will save you potentially thousands of dollars. With a traditional glazing company if your storefront door is dragging the ground, or threshold they would reglaze. Our skillset allows us to get around this and save you thousands.

We sell and repair and repair steel doors

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