Metal door replacement

Mariettadoor 29/07/2022

Metal door replacement is our last option. We try to avoid it at all costs. In some situations, though it’s just impossible to avoid it.

As you can see in the picture to the right this door is fried. You could reach right through the rust and unlock the door. In this case, sure you could patch the door for about half the cost of a new door. In eight months though that’s a metal door replacement that’s unavoidable.

rusty metal door

All of the rust on this door could have been avoided if the door would have been painted. Also, the installation of a drip cap would have kept water from entering the top of the door. Door replacement for a door like the one to the right would cost close to $1600. Of course, when we install a new metal door we install things like door sweeps, door caps, door closers, and panic bars.

Once we do replace your door you’ll need to immediately paint the door. You’ll also need to routinely oil the hinges. Most of the time the frame of your door will be fine. A lot of time the door frames are filled with concrete. This keeps the door frame rust-free.

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