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Metal door replacement

Mariettadoor 29/07/2022

Metal door replacement is our last option. We try to avoid it at all costs. In some situations, though it’s just impossible to avoid it. As you can see in the picture to the right this door is fried. You could reach right through the rust and unlock the door. In this case, sure you could patch the door for about half the cost of a new door. In eight months though that’s a metal… Metal door replacement

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Steel door installation in Marietta

Mariettadoor 25/09/2021

This steel door replaced a wood door that had been chewed up and spat out literally by a bunch of dogs. A metal door was just the solution for this location.This was located at a dog rescue. So we replaced the screen door that they had placed there just temporarily. We then installed a steel door with a knob so that the dogs could not lower the lever. We then installed a glass kit so… Steel door installation in Marietta

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