Steel door installation in Atlanta

Mariettadoor 25/09/2021


This steel door replaced a wood door that had been chewed up and spat out literally by a bunch of dogs. A metal door was just for it this location.This was located at a dog rescue. So we replaced the screen door that they had placed there just temporarily. We then installed a steel door with a knob so that the dogs could not lower the lever. We then installed a glass kit so that people would not open the door on top of people. This was kind of a tricky installation because someone had installed the previous door incorrectly. I was very happy with the end results on this project and very proud of the men that I have working for me.

Quality people are hard to find as we all know but these two guys have been nothing short of a blessing. It doesn’t matter what job I send them on they can handle it. Have a job that was boched by a previous installer? We can fix that.

We can add a Window to any door installed. So if you have a door that you have a tendency to open and hit people in the face we can fix that.

This door is hollow metal door and in this door we installed a piece of half glass. Steel doors are a bulk of our door installations. We also install storefront glass doors and repair them all the time. So keep us in mind if you should have a door repair issue. We would much rather save a door then replace it but sometimes it’s inevitable.

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