Steel door installation in Marietta

Mariettadoor 25/09/2021

This steel door replaced a wood door that had been chewed up and spat out literally by a bunch of dogs. A metal door was just the solution for this location.This was located at a dog rescue. So we replaced the screen door that they had placed there just temporarily. We then installed a steel door with a knob so that the dogs could not lower the lever. We then installed a glass kit so that people would not open the door on top of people. This was kind of a tricky installation because someone had installed the previous door incorrectly. I was very happy with the end results on this project and very proud of the men that I have working for me.

Quality people are hard to find as we all know but these two guys have been nothing short of a blessing. It doesn’t matter what job I send them on they can handle it. It’s very common for us to fix a steel door or hollow metal door installations.


Steel door that we installed otherwise known as a hollow middle door


We can add a Window to any door installed. So if you have a door that you have a tendency to open and hit people in the face we can fix that.

This door is hollow metal door and in this door we installed a piece of half glass. Steel doors are a bulk of our door installations. We also install storefront glass doors and repair them all the time. So keep us in mind if you should have a door repair issue. We would much rather save a door then replace it but sometimes it’s inevitable.

The benefits of having a steel door

Hollow metal doors are found in most commercial buildings. These doors both have a better fire rating than a residential door and also are much more durable. Some residential wood doors will have a metal covering on the inside and outside of the door, but a true hollow metal door is far more secure.

Steel doors require door hardware that is much more rugged. This door hardware also helps the door last longer. The door hardware used on steel doors is normally more expensive, but it can last over ten years. Marietta door is one of the most competitive door companies in Marietta Georgia.

Marietta door has been installing, repairing and replacing hollow metal doors and other steel door products for 23 years. We warranty all of our work.

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