when to replace a metal door

Mariettadoor 13/06/2024

You will replace Metal doors every 30 years if they’r they are maintained correctly. Rust is not your only enemy when it comes to metal doors however. Someone welds metal doors at the seams. After time and use those welds become brittle and they start to break. They become flimsy and no longer rigid. If the door loses its strength, someone could hypothetically just simply open the door by prying out the bottom and crawling in which we see a lot of with old doors.

Check if rust covers the entire door or has rusted through at the bottom. It’s time to replace a metal door. If the door looks relatively solid but when you open the door it moves at the top and not at the bottom or appears wobbly, replace the door. A very quick and easy test in those cases is just to grab the top of the door and shake it back and forth. If the door appears to be floppy, you guessed it, it’s time replace a metal door. Metal door replacement is not as expensive as it used to be. Typically frames can be saved. Frames can be the most expensive part. When door frames are incased in concrete as you would imagine that’s not cheap.

A lot of people think that when a door becomes fragile they can just simply replace the lock hardware. In reality the lock is only going to be as good as the door you put it on. If the door has failed save the new hardware for new door. A lot of people believe that if someone breaks in to a business insurance will always cover it well if one of your doors is clearly no longer secure, your insurance company is not going to cover it.

It is your responsibility to secure your business to the best of your ability

All businesses must try to put their best foot forward in trying to prevent crime. If you think someone can get in you are absolutely correct just go ahead and change the door and don’t make it easy for them.

When it is absolutely time to replace a metal door it’s pretty self-explanatory most of the time.

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