Broken hinges

Mariettadoor 18/12/2022

In the past when a frame had broken hinges the only solution was to replace the door and frame entirely. When you have to replace a hollow metal door and frame that is mounted in concrete this could easily turn into a $5,000 job. Now, with the invention of the full surface continuous hinge this problem is easily solvable and affordably.

So no longer are broken hinges a deal breaker. We just simply install a full surface continuous hinge and you can go on about your way. Not to mention this solution lasts for up to 20 years. This is better than the hinge that you would find used with most typical door frames.

Worst case scenario we just simply replace just the door and the broken hinges with a continuous hinge. By not cutting the frame out of a concrete wall this will save you thousands of dollars.

Broken hinges or in this case broken hinge pockets

We can also install a hinge that is called a full mortise continuous hinge. These hinges normally require you to install an undersized door. Full surface continuous hinges allow you to install doors in tight door frames and eliminate door and frame contact. Do you have a door that is just barely rubbing a door frame or dragging the ground? A full surface continuous hinge will nine out of ten times fix this problem.

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