Detex door alarms

Mariettadoor 09/04/2021

Do you need door alarms or have a warehouse or a business where there is a lot of inventory? Is there is a probability that people could walk out with inventory and no one would notice? Detex alarm boxes will keep your bottom line in check and your shrinkage low. Shrinkage is one of the leading caused to business failure. The worst part of that story is that it is completely avoidable. These are just one of the many security solutions that we provide that are aimed at keeping employees from stealing. When employees see door alarms they stop stealing from their place of work. They will either quite or focus more on making money the right way.

In other words the more secure your business is the more likely you are to have productive employees. Detex alarm boxes force employees to walk out of a business from fewer doors. Most of the time these doors are much more watched and more often than not a doorway with more surveillance. This will limit your theft to smaller items, and fewer items.

How long do the batteries last on the door alarms

The batteries on this product last a very long time, as long as 2 years. Once the word gets out as to how loud this alarm is. I have installed them in 40,000 square foot warehouses and have had people refer to the alarm as deafening. This was from an alarm that went off 1,000 feet away.
Door alarms by Detex installed on a commercial door.
Detex EAX 500 installed for $230

Detex alarm boxes work very similar to any other alarm contact. There’s no way of tricking the system so to speak. The good thing about the Detex door alarms is that they do not prevent someone from opening the door. Obviously if there is a fire and someone walks out the door the alarm is still going to go off, but Detex door alarms are fire code compliant because they do not interfere with free egress regulations.

During the summer months a lot of factories don’t have air conditioning, so they will get very warm. A lot of times for ventilation people will leave doors open. As you can imagine if you leave the wrong door open and a child should wander in to an area that could potentially be very dangerous.

Can someone just simply take the batteries out?

In order for you to gain access to the battery of one of the door alarms you must have a key. In order for you to turn off the alarm for any of these alarms you must have a key. To arm any one of these alarm boxes you must have a key.

You can make as many keys as you would like for the alarms. The lock cylinder for each alarm box can be different or all the same.

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