Lock Repair

Mariettadoor 30/05/2022

Lock repair is a very important part of our arsenal when it comes to fixing doors. They say a lock is only as strong as the door that you put it on. For the most part this is true. When we do a door installation or a door replacement we always try to install all new door hardware. We do this to just start fresh with new hardware, with a new door.

We are a fully licensed and experienced locksmith company as well. This is how we set ourselves apart tremendously from our counterparts. No matter what is going on with the door we can fix it whether it be a lock repair or a door issue. Because we are able to do this we can normally save our clients a great deal of money. Lock problems are not always cheaper than door problems but most of the time they are.

So when you have a problem with a deadbolt, lever handle, panic bar or door closer we can fix it. Even door sag and hinge pocket failure we can fix without replacing frames. Frames are the most expensive part of a door installation.

Doing a little door repair and replacing a door frame for a hollow metal door

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